Friday, August 8, 2014

just the three of us.

This past year has been one of the best of our lives!  Becoming a parent for the first time has been such a stretching and rewarding experience.

I really wanted to get some photos of just the three of us to document this incredible time in our lives.  Come January, we'll no longer be a family of three...I want to cherish the last few months of just us and soak up all I can of our little guy before he becomes a BIG brother!

We met up with Laura at our favorite little farm in town and I just adore how these photos speak to how amazing this little guy is!  We are truly blessed to be his parents and learn so much from him every day!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

around here.

It's been a busy summer around here.  Here's a little re-cap... (click on the links for full posts)

Finished our chicken coop.
Our baby turned ONE!
Made a BIG announcement!
Spent the day at the lake with friends.
A video of Caleb's first year.
Celebrated our boy's first birthday with a party!
Got our first egg!!
Lots of growing going on in our garden.
Visited the Children's Museum while my friend Jess was in town.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

could this kid be any cuter?

Children's Museum with friends.

I haven't seen Jess in years!  So when I heard she was headed to Indiana to bring a former Springboard student to IUPUI, I knew I needed to make a trip to Indianapolis to visit with her and her sweet girl, Amy.

She was staying with our friend Ellen, who was generous enough to share her Children's Museum pass, so we spent much of the day wondering around the museum and catching up.

I was so impressed with the amazing play areas for littles Caleb's age (and younger!).  

I'm pretty certain his favorite part was the music room!!

It didn't take long to wear out the babies, which allowed us to visit some other areas that Zander & McCai wanted to show us.

I'm so thankful for these lovely ladies and the friendship that has grown over the past 7 years!!

So good to see you, Jess, and finally meet Amy!  Such a sweet baby!  Here's hoping years don't pass before we see each other again!

Monday, July 14, 2014


"A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014"

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

2014 garden // mid July

This has been a slow season for our garden.  It's mid-July and we're getting a few cucumbers every day or two, a couple of peas, and a sparse amount of broccoli.  Raspberries have been pretty consistent for the past few weeks, but they're now dwindling. The weather has been incredibly mild the past two weeks which has basically stalled everything.   Though there is still a lot of green in our garden, we're practicing patience as there are lots and lots of flowers which mean those veggies are coming...we just don't know when! 

green beans
volunteer sunflower & squash in compost
more volunteer squash in compost
golden raspberries
 ever-bearing strawberries
My birthday Gerber daisy has bloomed two times already this summer which has been a wonderful surprise as I've never been able to keep these beauties alive longer than a few weeks!

This has been a bit of a frustrating year for our garden.  We spent a lot of time planning this spring and started many of our plants from seed early in order to spread out our harvest.  Unfortunately, much of our planning has been useless as many of those early seedlings didn't make the transfer, or were eaten by the loads of robins on our property.  Because of this, we ended up direct-sowing much of our garden later than expected.  

I guess the lesson we've learned this year is that no matter how much you plan and prepare your garden, much of it is out of your hands!!

Here's hoping the weather warms up and our veggies start making an appearance on our dinner table!!!